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Lisa Costa Joins Board Of Directors

Dr. Costa is a leading cybersecurity and data analytics expert.

Advertisement, Inc., announced recently that Dr. Lisa Costa, chief information officer of the U.S. Military’s Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), joins the board of directors. As a leading cybersecurity and data analytics expert, she will provide valuable guidance and insights into how both the company and its customers can stay ahead of online threats while utilizing information to better serve customers.

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“We are honored to have Dr. Costa join the board,” said CEO Lev Peker. “With her deep understanding of business, technology and eCommerce, as well as success in advising Fortune 500 companies, Dr. Costa is an incredible and invaluable addition to the team. Her guidance and expertise will be key, and we’re confident that both our customers and our company will greatly benefit from her joining the board.” COO David Meniane is particularly excited about Dr. Costa’s expertise in data analytics. “The companies that will win the future will be the companies that can marshal all available information to create terrific experiences for their customers – to deliver services that truly serve their customers’ needs,” said Meniane. “Dr. Costa’s expertise in data analytics will yield vital insights for, insights that will help us provide the best service for our customers.”

In addition to serving as CIO for USSOCOM – where she oversees a $1.2 billion budget and an IT system including cloud infrastructure, mobility, satellite and terrestrial communications, and DevSeCops agile software development supporting artificial intelligence and machine learning – Dr. Costa was a member of multiple Defense Science boards, invented the first fully spherical immersive digital video system, and has advised Presidential Transition Teams on national security issues. She served on the board of Hire Our Heroes and has advised Fortune 500 companies, including Target, Hilton, Starbucks, Cheniere, and FedEx, on data analytics and cybersecurity. She is also an honoree of the James Schlesinger Award for Service to Our Nation.


“I am excited to be joining the board of directors,” said Dr. Costa. “ was born online – its entire history is in the ecommerce space, the same space that so many other companies are struggling to enter. For 25 years, it has stayed true to its ecommerce lineage. It is a relentless innovator and puts technology first. I am thrilled to lend my expertise to the company as it continues to grow, and as it sprints towards the countless opportunities it sees.”




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