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Kukui Partners With Repair Shop Solutions

The goal of the partnership is to integrate data collected during the inspection process into the Kukui Dashboard.


Kukui Corp., a provider of integrated marketing software solutions for the automotive repair industry, has partnered with Repair Shop Solutions to integrate data collected during the inspection process into the Kukui Dashboard.  


With digital inspection applications like Repair Shop Solutions, repair technicians collect a wealth of detailed data about the health of a vehicle, including pictures, videos and detailed notes. This data streamlines the process of making repair recommendations, and gives service advisers valuable information needed to sell those services to motorists.

Through this integration, four key metrics are assimilated into the shop’s reporting data, and displayed in a new set of dials on the Kukui Dashboard:

  1. Inspections Performed During Period, which indicates how many digital inspections were performed.
  2. Technician Average RO, which indicates the average dollar amount recommended by each inspection.
  3. Percent of recommended work sold, which points out how many jobs were sold  compared to the total number of jobs recommended.
  4. Inspections to RO Count, which shows the percentage of inspections performed versus total number of repair orders in the time period.

These metrics allow a shop owner to track the success of their digital inspection program and the efficiency of each team member.


“Repair Shop Solutions digital inspections give shops the ability to take the guess work out of recommending services and provide complete transparency to the motorist,” said Scott Osborn, president of Repair Shop Solutions. “Presenting the data collected during the inspection process as part of the Kukui Dashboard gives shop owners an unequalled tool to best gauge team efficiency and pinpoint shop operations that are most successful.”

According to Todd Westerlund, CEO of Kukui, “The inclusion of inspection data into the Kukui dashboard gives our customers another key advantage over their competition by featuring team and process efficiency prominently on the dashboard they use to drive to success.”


For more information, visit Kukui at Kukui.com or call 877-695-6008.



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