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Kukui Corp. Launches Kukui 4.0 Software Platform

Kukui 4.0 is designed to solve the problems that automotive service center owners struggle with every day.


Kukui Corp. has launched the newest version of its marketing software platform, Kukui 4.0. Developed with input from automotive industry coaches and shop owners, Kukui 4.0 is designed to solve the problems that automotive service center owners struggle with every day.

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kukui-corp-2016-logoWith consumers communicating and interacting on a variety of mediums, today’s shop owners need to be well-versed on how to market across multiple channels. Kukui says it has made that process easier with the advent of its original marketing platform, which not only provides clients with an easy way to manage a wide range of marketing efforts, but also measures the effectiveness of those initiatives. Kukui 4.0 improves on the base platform, offering shop owners a more responsive and customizable solution.

Kukui 4.0 provides a number of new features to help clients stay ahead of the marketing curve, including improved data analytics, a user-friendly direct mail program and a new follow-up module to make client outreach easier.

The updated platform offers shop owners the latest data on every facet of their business. They can quickly determine how marketing programs are impacting revenue and generate reports on new customer acquisitions, average retention levels and business performance. Kukui 4.0 also offers shop owners the ability to compare their performance to industry metrics to see how they rank on a larger scale.


“The data we are providing to our clients through 4.0 is unparalleled and allows shop owners to dig deep to identify areas of concern,” said Kukui Corp. CEO Todd Westerlund. “We believe that this level of information will help our clients transform their businesses.”

Another key aspect of Kukui 4.0 is its focus on helping shop owners with client retention. The new follow-up module will automatically generate a call list of customers who are due for upcoming service or maintenance, so that service writers can follow up without having to do additional research. The program also includes a sales script that staff members can use to secure more appointments.

“We’ve been testing this program for some time and have seen incredible results,” said Chris Price, owner of Saratoga Shell in San Jose, California, and an advisory board member for Kukui. “It really helps put our reminder calls front and center and gives us the opportunity to interact with customers in a more personal way.”

The software is available on a monthly subscription basis, which also includes access to a dedicated marketing coordinator.



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