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Herman Trend Alert: Small Business Pivots For Pandemic Success

This Herman Trend Alert addresses three effective pivots.


Herman Trend Alerts are written by Joyce Gioia, a strategic business futurist, Certified Management Consultant, author, and professional speaker. Archived editions are posted at

Some small businesses and solopreneurs have pivoted their businesses and become more successful than ever before. This Herman Trend Alert addresses three effective pivots. As you read about these entrepreneurs, my challenge to you, dear readers, is to consider how you and your friends could apply this kind of adaptability to other industries.

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Looking Great on Zoom
Before the Pandemic, Ginger Burr was providing fashion and image makeover consulting for women clients over 40 from her location in metro Boston. A brilliant red head, not surprisingly, Ginger’s wardrobe is simply perfect for her hair, skin, and eyes. With fewer in-person opportunities due to COVID, Ginger pivoted to helping women (and men) look amazing online. Now, she’s coaching and teaching courses to help women look their best on Zoom, including wardrobe, lighting and sound and other platforms. You can find Ginger’s Zoom videos on YouTube, and if she doesn’t have one already, I’m certain she will create a course soon. You can find a video from Ginger on “How to Look Good on Zoom” – start with minute 6 to avoid the long Lexington Chamber’s intro.


Virtual Walking Tours of Savannah
Last year, Forbes had listed Underground Tours of Savannah as one of the top 10 things to do in town. When COVID-19 hit, Patt Gunn, the CEO and founder, was quite disturbed. Without tourists, how was a walking tour and reenactment company, showcasing African American history to survive? Then, Sistah Patt as she is fondly known by locals, came up with the idea offering her tours virtually. This pivot made a huge difference for this Gullah Geechee master storyteller and her whole organization. Now, with the entire country focused on race issues, Underground Tours has seen an uptick in the request for their virtual walkabouts. And here’s the best part, though there is currently a 10-guest limit on in-person tours, their virtual tour option has no such restriction. How cool is that?


A Chef’s Transformation and Success
When the Pandemic appeared and many restaurants in Boca Raton, Florida, closed, so did the vegan establishment where Chef Giovanni led the kitchen. With years of experience cooking in high quality restaurants, the top chef, who was always dedicated to providing the finest carefully crafted dishes, decided to begin offering his vegan dishes to locals. His weekly meals reflect his caring and commitment with guaranteed satisfaction along with delicious vegan food. Chef Gio’s website says it all: “We collaborate with local growers to create truly unforgettable versatile plant-based dining experiences.” It is enough to make me wish I lived in Boca Raton, Florida!


I love these inspiring stories! The presence of this Coronavirus does not need to mean economic downturn; if, like these three forward-thinking businesspeople, we look for the opportunities, it could mean new success.

To learn more about Ginger’s services or sign up for a consultation, visit her website

To access Underground Tours of Savannah, visit here

To order Chef Gio’s “unforgettable [vegan] dining experiences,” visit his website.



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