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The Story Behind Global Supply Chain Issues, Part 2

In Part 2 this week, I cover the whys behind the shortages and when we might see more improvement.

The Story Behind Global Supply Chain Issues, Part 1

A closer look at the factors creating today’s global supply chain challenges.

Rethinking Employment

This Herman Trend Alert examines the need for CEOs to rethink workforce cultures given the current workforce crisis.

Leading A Double Worklife For Fun And Profit

This new iteration of work takes the concept of a side hustle to a whole new level.

Trends In Recruiting And Careers: Part 2

To provide for the now huge remote workforce, a new type of small business tech support business will emerge.

Trends In Recruiting And Careers: Part 1

The tightened labor market is forcing employers to shift their attitudes toward several employee-desired aspects of work.

The Golden Key To Employee Engagement

A recent Gallup study revealed one key difference between the most engaged teams and the least engaged teams.

Solving The Issues Of Remote Employees

Here are several ideas companies can use to find common ground with their valued employees

Back To Workplace Solutions

This Herman Trend Alert gives caring employers the answers to bringing people back to the workplace safely and securely.

The Herman Trend Alert: The Humanity Factor

As companies embrace technology, it’s fundamental to remember the human beings who will be interfacing with it.

The Most Overlooked Worker Segment

Gender and age bias are not going away soon. Learning how to work around them will be very valuable to your career pathing.

Post-COVID Career Shifts, Part 1

According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, more than 40% are considering leaving their employers this year.