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GRI Supplying ULTIMATE XT Forklift Tires To KION Group

GRI’s ULTIMATE XT premium plus tire is suited for the most demanding conditions, according to the company.


KION Group, one of the world’s leading providers for industrial trucks and supply chain solutions, has selected GRI to supply its ULTIMATE XT premium plus tire for its Linde Material Handling forklift trucks produced in Germany. GRI’s high-grade specialty tires are produced in Sri Lanka using some of the latest technology, highest-quality norms and natural rubber primarily sourced from Sri Lanka. 

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GRI’s ULTIMATE XT premium plus tire is suited for the most demanding conditions, according to the company. Its unique tread pattern provides excellent traction and high stability. The tire’s distinctiveness lies in the special compounds used, leading to reduced heat build-up, higher run-time, and lower rolling resistance. The ULTIMATE XT premium plus tires are built for 24-hour material handling operations. The tires have high abrasion resistance and provides greater levels of comfort and safety. The high tread volume, greater lug depth and optimized aspect ratio provide extensive tire life.

“We have great admiration for KION and are privileged to have GRI’s premium plus tires fitted on KION brands OEM forklifts. This partnership testifies to the excellence of GRI’s tires, their high-performance in varying conditions and the company’s commitment to develop superior forklift tires.  We are excited about the possibilities ahead in our partnership with KION,” said Prabhash Subasinghe, MD of the GRI, commenting on this milestone for the company.


The ULTIMATE XT tires underwent more than two years of rigorous testing by KION Group’s advanced engineering and testing department in Germany. KION Group and GRI engineers worked in close collaboration in all aspects of this meticulous process to fulfil very specific and stringent requirements.

Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO of GRI, stated that, “We deliver high-grade specialty tires, that are built sustainably using pure natural rubber at our advanced production plants in Sri Lanka. We believe that forklift operators who move material to supply our needs are noble. We live and work to enhance their lives.”