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GRI Launches Its Most Environmentally Friendly Tire

The ULTIMATE GREEN XT contains 42.8% sustainable materials, which include bio-sourced and recycled materials.


GRI has reaffirmed its commitment to protecting our planet by launching the ULTIMATE GREEN XT, one of the most environmentally friendly material handling solid tires in the world. 


“Environmentally sustainable growth is our strategy today and for generations to come. We work towards this goal through the way we produce our tires as well as develop new tires. The ULTIMATE GREEN XT solid tire for the material handling industry is a result of our drive to create and manufacture products that are sustainable,” said Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO of GRI. 

The ULTIMATE GREEN XT contains 42.8% sustainable materials, which include bio-sourced, and recycled materials. The tire is built with pure natural rubber, silica, recycled carbon black and reclaimed rubber from used tires. This novel tire provides a higher energy efficiency due to its 20.4% lower rolling resistance than the current tire. Therefore, using the ULTIMATE GREEN XT tire will result in higher energy saving whether it is an electric forklift or internal combustion engine forklift. Furthermore, this new solid tire also provides higher lifetime as it has 26.6% lower abrasion loss, according to GRI.

The ULTIMATE GREEN XT is a premium-plus material handling tire, built for 24 hours per day, 3 shift operations, enabled by lower heat build-up and higher endurance. The green color version is a non-marking, high-performance tire developed for all surface conditions and intense operating environments.

“In creating the pioneering ULTIMATE GREEN XT, we not only considered environmental protection by using a high degree of sustainable materials, but we also focused on improving performance such as increasing energy saving of forklifts as well as extending the lifetime of the tire. With innovations such as this, we strive to inspire our industry towards making a positive impact on our planet,” said Prabhash Subasinghe, managing director, GRI 


The tread compound of the non-marking ULTIMATE GREEN XT contains highly dispersible silica and no carbon black, lowering abrasion loss and thereby reducing particle release into the environment. In the center and base of the tire, GRI has used recycled carbon black. Natural oil is used instead of petroleum-based oil and GRI has pioneered the use of carbon nanotubes in the black version of the tire.

ULTIMATE GREEN XT goes beyond the norm to deliver the ultimate in sustainability, performance and efficiency. It was developed over two years and tested rigorously. Powerful and robust, this tire epitomizes GRI’s advanced engineering, research, development, and manufacturing capabilities,” explained Ranasoma. “As a responsible organization, we have aligned our activities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Climate Action, Responsible Consumption & Production, Life on Land, and Affordable & Clean Energy. The ULTIMATE GREEN XT has been developed in line with these goals and our unique GREEN X Circle, thus reiterating GRI’s commitment to sustainability,” he further added.

“I am extremely proud of GRI for having invented such a visionary and innovative solid tire for its customers. It’s a first on many fronts for the company, the country and the world,” added Harris Premaratne, chairman of the GRI Board.