Ep. 12: Ashlee Arnold, VP of Arnold Oil Co. of Austin

Ep. 12: Ashlee Arnold, VP of Arnold Oil Co. of Austin

Ashlee shares her stories of growing up in the industry and how building her network has helped her prosper in the automotive aftermarket.

Ashlee Arnold comes from a long line of automotive aftermarket professionals. Her grandparents founded the original Arnold Oil Company in 1939, and then her dad, Jim, launched the company’s current operations, Arnold Oil Company of Austin, in 1977. Ashlee literally has been in the family business before she could crawl or walk. Growing up, she remembers playing in the warehouse, and as a teen, she worked at Arnold Oil between summer athletics, learning the same work ethic as her parents.

As vice president of Arnold Oil Co. today, she credits the heart she has for the industry to the solid relationships she has developed through her family and as a professional over the years.

“I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many people that I love, admire, trust. Some of them practically raised me alongside my parents. I feel very lucky in that regard, but I think getting involved in the industry, you get to meet the most incredible people. They’re so real and authentic… They want to lift you up,” she says. “They want to support you. Getting more involved creates that network of people across the country where if I have a problem, I can pick up the phone and call any one of them, and they would be willing to help me.”

In this episode of Women at the Wheel, Ashlee delves into her memories of growing up in the family business, how she worked her way up and why her best advice for women in the industry is to get involved in the industry that has given her a place to thrive.


  • Ashlee’s earliest memories of growing up in the family business (0:48)
  • Why Ashlee didn’t go into the family business right after college (3:48)
  • How Ashlee and her brother, Jayson, rotated through every department at Arnold Oil to understand how it works (4:48)
  • Her responsibilities as vice president of Arnold Oil Co of Austin today (8:03)
  • What Ashlee says are the keys to working with family (9:09)
  • How getting involved and fostering her networks in the industry has helped Ashlee in her career (12:05)
  • The asset of female leadership in a company (17:44)
  • Ashlee’s best advice women in the automotive aftermarket (19:39)

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