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Ep. 12: Ashlee Arnold, VP of Arnold Oil Co. of Austin

Ashlee shares her stories of growing up in the industry and how building her network has helped her prosper in the automotive aftermarket.

Ashlee Arnold Women at the Wheel
Creating Your Auto Aftermarket Network with Ashlee Arnold

Ashlee delves into growing up in the family business and why she feels industry involvement will give you a path to thrive.

Ashlee Arnold Women at the Wheel
Arnold Oil Company Joins Alliance CVHD Program

Arnold Oil Co. joined the Commercial Vehicle and Heavy-Duty program as the newest member of All-Pro Truck Parts.

Federated Member Arnold Oil Celebrates 40th Anniversary

As part of the milestone celebration, a booth show featuring more than 100 vendor partners was conducted and gift bags were given to the first 500 guests in attendance. Arnold Oil guests were treated to lunch and dinner and were eligible to win more than $25,000 worth of prizes.