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Dorman Releases 146 New Products

New product release includes OE Fix flexible steel fuel lines.


Dorman Products is releasing 146 new products this month, giving installers and owners greater freedom to fix cars and trucks with innovative solutions that save time and money.

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Dorman’s featured release this month is its new OE FIX flexible fuel line solution, with three SKUs covering an estimated 4.6 million select GMC and Chevrolet pickups. Traditional pre-bent fuel lines are often time-consuming to install because they are difficult to route under the vehicle. These braided, stainless-steel solutions are application-specific length, complete with brackets and connectors, making them ready for installation right out of the box, according to Dorman. In addition, because they are flexible, they help simplify what may normally be a difficult fuel line replacement, potentially cutting total repair time in half, based on Dorman’s internal research.

These flex fuel lines also help simplify stocking. The three new Dorman SKUs consolidate nine total OEM part numbers, and each box is only 0.2 cubic feet compared to 6 cubic feet for each OEM box. With the same coverage in 1 percent of the space, retailers and distributors are given the opportunity to get far more value from their shelf space than from stocking traditional solutions, Dorman says. Customers can learn more about this solution for both distributors and installers, and get specific application coverage, at

Dorman is releasing 10 new OE FIX loaded knuckles this month as well, covering a variety of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The product comes ready to install, generally eliminating the hassle of using a shop press to remove an old wheel bearing and install a new one, says Dorman. These assemblies simplify repairs and make labor time more predictable for installers, potentially saving hours when dealing with heavily corroded components, according to the company. With this release, Dorman now has more than 70 loaded knuckles available.


Other OE FIX solutions this month include upgraded heater hose assemblies, cost-saving frame rail repairs and truck bed crossmember kits, an improved throttle body unit for certain General Motors vehicles, and a new exhaust temperature sensor for heavy-duty applications.

In addition, Dorman is introducing more than 30 new drive shafts, 25 new control arms and ball joints assemblies, and dozens of other new replacement parts like heavy-duty air tanks, turbochargers, sun visors and valve covers. In total, with this announcement, Dorman has now released nearly 600 new aftermarket products this year.

Installers and consumers should note that this is Dorman’s earliest announcement for these new products, and they may not be immediately available at their preferred distributor or retailer. Interested customers can sign up for Dorman’s new product announcements at


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