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Continental Offers Cybersecurity Solutions From Argus And Elektrobit For All Connected Vehicle Electronics

Continental, Elektrobit and Argus’ cybersecurity philosophy is based on three critical pillars: enabling OEMs to prevent, understand and respond to cyber threats.

6 New Companies Join the Auto-ISAC: 3 Members And 3 Strategic Partners

The Auto-ISAC was formed by automakers in August 2015 to establish a global information sharing community to promote vehicle cybersecurity. 

Aurora Labs Raises $8.4M To Usher In The Age Of Self-Healing Automotive Software

Fraser McCombs Capital and MizMaa Ventures plan to back the company’s vision for safer, more effective automotive software maintenance and fewer software recalls.

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NTSB Releases Releases Preliminary Report On Fatal Crash Involving Pedestrian, Uber Test Vehicle

The vehicle was factory-equipped with several advanced driver assistance functions by the original manufacturer Volvo Cars, including a collision avoidance function with automatic emergency braking as well as functions for detecting driver alertness and road sign information. The Volvo functions are disabled only when the test vehicle is operated in computer control mode.

Zubie Partners With Xirgo Technologies To Expand Coverage Of Connected Car Market

The partnership brings together Zubie’s connected car platform with Xirgo’s expertise in hardware customization for the transportation industry. Zubie says this combination will expand the range of solutions it can deliver.

Verizon Adds Safety-Score Leaderboard, Service Reminders To Hum Telematics Service

“Hum can help provide a safer and more connected experience on the road during the peak holiday travel season and beyond,” said Michael Maddux, director of product at Verizon Telematics.

EY, Microsoft To Bring Enhanced Analytics To Automotive Industry

Organizations can use the newly formed EY Synapse Automotive to validate incentive rebate and warranty claims, improve demand forecasting and inventory management for parts, or create models that can help to improve their vehicle allocation processes.

Nuance Opens DRIVE Lab To Study Enhancements, Advance Innovation In Automotive User Experience

The Nuance DRIVE Lab will be a hub for research and learning that will advance user interfaces in cars, ultimately providing drivers with safer, smarter and more enjoyable in-vehicle experiences and giving automakers the ability to differentiate with excellent user experiences.

US DOT Releases New Autonomous Driving Guidelines

MEMA and Bosch both issued statements following the release of new federal guidance for automated driving systems by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Honeywell And Lear To Collaborate On Automotive Cybersecurity Software Solutions

The two companies are working under a non-exclusive agreement to develop an effective system to identify and validate software commands and data generated by more than 100 million lines of code governing modern vehicle operation.

ATIS Advances Connected Vehicle Cybersecurity Through Industry-To-Industry Collaboration

Connected and self-driving vehicles bring consumers unprecedented new options, yet the risks of cyber intrusion are significant. The new ATIS report takes a closer look at connected vehicle cybersecurity.

Intel Plans To Build Test Fleet Of 100 Self-Driving Vehicles

The project will mesh Mobileye’s “proprietary capabilities” in computer vision, sensing, fusion, mapping and driving policy “with Intel’s leading open-compute platforms and expertise in data center and 5G communication technologies to deliver a complete ‘car-to-cloud’ system,” Intel said.