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Bartec Announces Its Latest Software Update

Release 56.2 will be available for download on July 7 for Bartec TPMS tools.


Bartec USA, a North American provider of TPMS diagnostic tools and solutions, has announced the release of its latest TPMS tool software update. Release 56.2 will be available for download on July 7 for Bartec TPMS tools with a current subscription at tools.bartecusa.com.


The new available features depend on the Bartec tool and are defined in the software release bulletins found by clicking the Tech Support icon found in Bartec’s TPMS Desktop.

Bartec also has added placard coverage for the Tech400 Pro. According to Steve Long, director of sales, “Bartec is the market leader in providing robust TPMS solutions like Placard Management,” he said. “Our approach to adjusting the placard is unique and secure, which means, more sales, happier consumer and fewer legal issues!”

Bartec says it understands the level of security and safety required when connecting to vehicle control modules, and as a result, it builds in processes to help technicians be successful while keeping their customers safe and protected.


The Tech400Pro is the only tool that updates via a Wi-Fi connection. Bartec also will post updated coverage charts on its website at bartecusa.com/tpms-tool-coverage-charts.html.