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ACC Announces Leadership Team For 2021-2022

The member-run ACC is led by a leadership team consisting of a president, vice president and immediate past president.


The Automotive Communications Council (ACC) has announced that new selections have been made to the organization’s leadership team and board member lineup. The announcement of the new roles provides an exceptional opportunity for ACC to continue its objective of providing networking and educational programs in support of all members and their responsibilities as marketing and communication professionals.

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The member-run ACC is led by a leadership team consisting of a president, vice president and immediate past president. The leadership team is supported by six members of the ACC who serve as board members.

The leadership team for 2021-2022 is:

  • President: Jennifer Holland, ASE
  • Vice President: John McGrane, ACME Manufacturing
  • Immediate Past President: Jim Merle, Babcox Media

The newest member who has been elected as board member is:

  • Patrick Cronin, NTN Bearing Corp.

Current board members are:

  • Joanne Baik, DENSO
  • Shawn Bird, AutoNet TV Media
  • Peter Bulmer, Turnkey Media
  • Shawn Collins, The EXTEND Group
  • Heather King, John Dow Industries

Immediate Past President Jim Merle announced the new appointments for the leadership team and board members and noted, “The ACC is extremely proud to have this elected board of individuals leading our organization as we begin preparation of our conference scheduled for May 2022, in addition to driving member activities that bring valued networking and educational events supporting the professional members of ACC. We are thrilled to have such a dedicated group of individuals participating and leading ACC in a collective effort to grow our community.”


“We truly appreciate the high level of engagement by our immediate Past President, Jim Merle,” added newly appointed ACC President Jennifer Holland. “Jim, along with the entire board, developed fast solutions that helped lift the ACC’s presence during a challenging period caused by the pandemic. I am thankful to have his continued participation and guidance.”

All newly appointed members begin their roles effective immediately.

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