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Auto Shop Teacher


Teacher for Career Path High School for Autobody, Mechanic and Service


Fox Valley Tech & Trade Center, an affiliate of The Menta Group, serves emotional/behavioral/academically disabled students in the Aurora, Ill., Metro Area, and the far western suburbs of Chicago. Fox Tech is made up of caring educational and clinical specialists who have committed themselves to making "success" an option for all young people. Academic instruction is given a high priority at Fox Tech. In order to increase the likelihood of student success, a diverse group of professionals are employed, each with unique talents and a strong dedication to educating young people who are challenged by traditional instruction. Vocationally oriented classes and community-based job placement allow students to experience the world of work and practice the interpersonal skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Fox Tech is a private educational facility approved by the Illinois State Board of Education. (ISBE 14-7.02). Programming is designed for special education students between the ages of 15 through 21.


This program offers a career path high school program that provides a variety of school-to-work options for special education students and is an ideal academic setting for adolescents who are preparing to become both literate and self-sufficient. We are currently in need of an auto shop teacher for high school classes with specialized State of Illinois Certification, who can also teach special needs students with an emphasis on work skills as a basis for a career path curriculum. The ideal candidate will be qualified to teach career paths classes with an emphasis in auto mechanics and body repair, and be willing to be trained to work with severely Behavior/Emotional Disordered students.


Job Requirements

• LBS01, Type 10, Type 09 and/or 34 State of Illinois Certifications encouraged to apply.
• State Teaching Certification in Special Education; Preferably high school certified.
• Ability to teach in a self-contained classroom for a full teaching day with youth having behavioral, emotional, and high risk behaviors is important.
• You must be 23 years of age with a valid driver license.
• Employment is contingent upon a background check, approved driving record, employment physical and drug screen.
• Must have a valid driver’s license.

Questions can be directed to Sean Cunningham at 630-844-3950.

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