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Why Trucks Are The Future Of The Aftermarket Sweet Spot

In the U.S., the average vehicle on the road is almost 12 years old. Light trucks are 18% older than passenger cars, making the average truck 14-15 years old. There are several reasons why the average truck is older than the average car.

How the Aftermarket Parts Industry Is Adapting to the Rise of EVs

Electric vehicles (EVs) are taking over the roads, with major automakers under pressure to develop full EVs. Volvo will even be electrifying its entire fleet.

Which Types Of Vehicle Repairs Are Consumers Most Skeptical About?

The Internet age has simultaneously helped and harmed the auto industry. Consumers are learning how to diagnose their vehicle issues online, which generally helps them understand when it’s urgent to visit a repair shop. However, there’s also a lot of misinformation out there, making consumers question the validity of manufacturer recommended maintenance intervals.

When It Comes To Water Pumps, EVs Are Business As Usual

Many people are under the impression that electric vehicles don’t need cooling systems. And therefore don’t need water pumps. But, thankfully for the aftermarket industry, this isn’t true. Electric cars produce heat and still need a cooling system. That’s where the water pump comes in.

Water Pump E-commerce – Questions Consumers Ask Before Buying Online

Internet Retailer reports that more than $12 billion worth of auto parts and accessories will be sold online in the US in 2019. This represents a 16% increase in sales over 2018, a brisk rate of growth that isn’t expected to let up before 2022.

2019 Presents Big Challenges for Auto Parts Manufacturers

Every year brings new challenges for manufacturers, but 2019 could see even more significant changes taking place. As we head deeper into the new year, it becomes clear what the three main challenges are going to be for auto parts manufacturers. Let’s explore each one.

Talk To Your Customers About Holiday Road Trips This Season

When a road trip is right around the corner, repairs and preventative maintenance are necessary. As the summer winds down, consumers stop planning road trips… or do they?

Predictions: Automotive Customization Technology in 2038

Automotive technology is changing rapidly. This makes it difficult to predict how advanced and different the automotive industry will be when 2038 rolls around. However, it’s possible to predict a few things about automotive customization based on the current trends at performance shops.

Looking Ahead: Where Will Performance Shops Be In 2038?

2038 seems far away, but it’ll be here before we know it. Technology is evolving – quickly – and it’s interesting to see how the advancements are already affecting the auto industry. It’s hard to predict what’ll happen in 20 years.

How To Find A Quality Parts Manufacturer

Whether you’re an installer, retailer, or distributor, it’s important to work with a quality auto parts manufacturer. That way, you can offer your customers assurances about quality and reliability, minimize returns and comebacks, and save time hunting for products.

Water Pump Maintenance for All Seasons

Water pump failure can happen at any time during the year. Depending on the season, your customer may see different symptoms, and not understand the root cause. We’ll point out below a couple of symptoms that vary with the season, and some that stay the same all year round.

Spot Counterfeit Parts Like A Pro: Five Tell-Tale Signs to Look For

If you are selling auto parts online, you should be aware of a scam that’s going on. A “customer” purchases a legitimate part from your shop and returns a counterfeit part in its place. They get a refund, and then they sell the legitimate part to someone else.