Dr. John A. Passante, Author at aftermarketNews
Driving Leadership Through Vulnerability

A leader needs to have a heart that cares, not be afraid to show it and empower others to make decisions.

Business Remains a Shared Experience

Relationships, facts, clear consistent communication and guidance are critical touchpoints with employees and customers.

Who Are You Bringing to Work?

Dr. John Passante asks: Are your employees able to bring their “whole self” to work?

Courage and Collaboration Are Cousins

Negotiating in an ever-changing aftermarket will place a higher premium on collaboration and professional business courage.

Loyalty and Leadership

There is no such thing as overvaluing loyalty.

Guest Commentary: A True Sense of Belonging

By creating a culture of belonging, everyone can and will be more successful.

Life and Business Are a Team Sport

In my professional opinion, teamwork is one of the most critical leadership skills to have and enhance.

What Do You Expect?

A recent Gallup poll found that only 33% of U.S. employees had a clear understanding of what was expected of them.

The ‘R’ in Leadership Stands for Relevant Relationships

Winning in today’s automotive aftermarket requires a common sense of purpose, at all levels of the organization.

Leading In The New Normal

In the history of the automotive aftermarket, there has never been a greater demand for optimism and empathy.

The Word Of The Day Is … Words

I suspect that often we all take our words for granted until our words cause a problem.

Guest Commentary: All Aboard!

When an employee starts a new job, that is the time to capture their heart and mind.