The Future of MEMA with Bill Long

The Future of MEMA with Bill Long

Bill Long, MEMA president and CEO, outlines a forward-looking strategy focusing on advocacy, sustainability and competitiveness in the evolving automotive landscape, as the association celebrates its 120th anniversary milestone and legacy.

In the celebration of its 120th anniversary, MEMA looks to shape the future of the automotive aftermarket. Bill Long, MEMA’s President and CEO, talked about this forward-looking approach on this episode of AMN Drivetime, sponsored by AISIN, emphasizing the organization’s evolution and its readiness to confront the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

Bill Long articulated the sentiment, “MEMA being 120 years old can’t act 120 years old,” highlighting the necessity for continuous adaptation and innovation. This perspective is central to MEMA’s recent strategic reorganization, aimed at enhancing agility and better positioning the association to serve the dynamic needs of its members. This vision is underpinned by a commitment to advance the business interests of MEMA’s members and the industry at large, through several strategic initiatives:

• Advocacy and Representation: MEMA aims to “elevate and strengthen the supplier and industry voice in Washington D.C.,” Long noted, enhancing its advocacy efforts to influence policy and regulatory decisions that impact the automotive aftermarket.
• Competitiveness and Innovation: Address the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing, MEMA seeks to mitigate regulatory burdens and promote an environment conducive to innovation and growth.
• Global Trade and Collaboration: Long highlighted MEMA’s initiative to “open new markets and help members expand their global reach,” facilitating collaboration and standardization among automotive suppliers worldwide.
• Reflecting on his 11 years with MEMA, Long shared memorable moments and achievements, including pivotal advocacy efforts such as meeting with Vice President Mike Pence to discuss the USMCA.

As MEMA embarks on its next chapter, the association’s focus on advocacy, sustainability, U.S. manufacturing competitiveness, and global trade expansion signals a commitment to leading the automotive aftermarket into a future marked by growth and innovation.

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