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AAM Strikes Business Partnership With Phocas Data Analytics

The deal will bring more accessible data intelligence and savings to AAM members.


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The AAM Group has partnered with leading data software company Phocas to provide enhanced analytics and savings to its warehouse distribution members. Known for its speed and user-friendly interface, Phocas empowers companies to make decisions based on actual data intelligence, including analyzing purchasing patterns, bringing opportunities to customers and mining for overlooked profit generators. As part of the agreement, AAM negotiated a substantial discount to members who adopt the platform.

“We are very pleased to partner with Phocas,” said AAM President Tim Odom. “AAM members are committed to maximizing their productivity and value creation for their customers and our supplier partners. Phocas will provide us with actionable insights that allow members to identify growth opportunities and better understand our customers and their needs.”


Founded in 2001, Phocas is a privately owned and self-funded team of passionate professionals who are committed to helping people feel good about their data. Phocas serves over 1,700 companies and roughly 20,000 people, who rely on its software to complement ERP functionality and manage business operations.

Phocas serves both midmarket and enterprise customers with tailored, industry-focused solutions that simplify data management through powerful analytics and visualization tools.

The company develops and supports customer businesses with software that is simple, elegant and can serve departments and roles throughout the organization. Phocas changes the way people think and work, and makes it easier for them to be decisive and operate with confidence.