Jacqueline Rodriguez, Vice President, Marketing, Parts Authority

2021 Honoree

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Vice President

For Jacqueline Rodriguez, the automotive aftermarket has been a perfect fit since her first day on the job as a receptionist at Metro Auto Parts in 2006.

“I fell in love with it,” says Rodriguez, now VP of marketing for Parts Authority, which acquired Metro in 2016. Fifteen years later, she still feels right at home in the aftermarket. 

“I like that the industry is so dynamic. Transitioning from a regional parts store to a nationwide company has been one of the most rewarding experiences. I am also proud of my team and their accomplishments. We are proud to be a critical element of Parts Authority’s success. “ 

As someone who has worked her way up the corporate ladder, Rodriguez is a guide for other women at Parts Authority, and she maintains “an open-door policy” for anyone who wants to reach out. She encourages women to be confident and “don’t feel inferior because you’re a woman.” 

“Do you. Be yourself,” Rodriguez adds. “You have to empower yourself and take your seat at the table.” 

She also encourages women to get involved with professional communities. “These programs help women realize that they’re not alone. We can all help each other.”

Joining the automotive industry in 2006 was “one of the best decisions I’ve made,” Rodriguez says, and she hopes she can help inspire other women to find a home in the aftermarket. “This is a great industry for women, and we need to spread the word.”