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2021 Honoree

Evelin Diaz

General Manager of Operations & Distribution
AIT USA Advanced Innovative Technology Corp.

Evelin Diaz, General Manager of Operations & Distribution, AIT USA Advanced Innovative Technology Corp.Evelin Diaz takes great pride in the fact that she’s been a part of Advanced Innovative Technology Corp. (AIT) since its inception in 2006. Back then, the fledgling company had just two employees: Diaz and then-President Daniel Hough. Getting in on the ground floor of a small startup gave her the opportunity to learn many different roles, culminating in her promotion to general manager of operations & distribution of AIT USA in January 2021.Today, AIT is a distributor and marketer of TrakMotive CV axles, driveshaft assemblies and window regulators, with around 100 employees and distribution centers in two states. “It’s been an interesting journey,” Diaz says.When Diaz started working in the automotive aftermarket, she had no prior experience in the automotive industry. For women who might be considering a career in the aftermarket, her advice is “don’t be scared” if you don’t have an automotive background. She credits Women in Auto Care for raising awareness of the fact that there are “a lot of women in this industry.” “You don’t have to know about cars. You don’t have to be an expert in automotive,” Diaz says. “Take it as any other type of business, and just grow with it. If you’re willing to learn about cars, it will make it a bit easier for you, but don’t be afraid. It’s an industry just like any other industry.”

AASA Top Suppliers Spotlight

Schrader TPMS Solutions

Schrader TPMS Solutions
Headquarters: Troy, MichiganKey Executive: Russ Stebbins, General Manager, Global Aftermarket Business UnitKey Executive: Dan Baker , Senior Director of Sales, North American TPMS Aftermarket

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