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KUKUI Joins Garage Rehab Season 2

Kukui supports the shop featured in each episode of Garage Rehab with a new website designed to help them revitalize their marketing efforts and achieve ultimate success.

New Epicor Integrated Service Estimator ‘Smart Inspection’ Tool Helps Shops Capture, Communicate Vehicle Inspection Results

The optional new tool is available to shops using the Epicor Integrated Service Estimator solution, a web-based service estimating and parts sourcing interface that can be used on its own or in conjunction with many shop management systems.

Expanded Tenneco eLearning Platform Created To Help Shops Target, Sustain Growth In Ride Control Category

The expanded set of eLearning modules is aimed at helping tire dealers, general repair shops and other businesses enhance employee training opportunities with access to best practices shared through the Service Solutions team’s instructor-led workshops and other activities.

Kukui CEO Aims To Visit 1,000 Shops

The plan was to hit the streets and gather feedback directly from shop owners, whether they were Kukui customers or not, and hear firsthand what made them successful and understand what else they needed to continue that success.