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US Copyright Office Agrees To Extending DMCA Vehicle Repair Exemption

The proposal was in response to a petition filed by the Auto Care Association, Consumer Technology Association and iFixit, seeking continued access by individuals to the software and systems embedded in modern motor vehicles.

CAWA Partners With The California Bureau Of Automotive Repair To Educate Consumers On Warranty Rights

The Federal Magnusson Moss Warranty Act says a consumer will not void their manufacturers’ warranty if they maintain and repair their vehicle at a facility other than a new car dealers.

Court Overturns R-134a Substitutes Rule

The ruling in the case Mexichem Flour Inc. vs. EPA stated that the EPA lacks authority under the Section 612 Significant New Alternatives Policy to require companies to move away from a substance already approved under the SNAP program as an ozone-depleting product.

House Approves Proposal On Self-Driving Vehicles

Automakers will be required to submit safety assessment reports to U.S. regulators but will not require pre-market approval of advanced technologies, according to the Reuters report.

US House Could Vote On Self-Driving Car Legislation Today

Automakers would be required to submit safety assessment reports to U.S. regulators, but would not require pre-market approval of advanced vehicle technologies, according to the Reuters report.

New Jersey Unsafe Used Tire Legislation Goes To Governor

The bill would prohibit the sale of unsafe used tires that pose a risk to New Jersey motorists and impose a fine on a business that sells a tire that exhibits any one of several unsafe conditions, such as worn-out tread, visible damage or improper repairs.

US House Committee On Energy And Commerce Considers Package Of Self-Driving Vehicle Legislation

The hearing followed the Automotive Service Association’s Mechanical Operations Committee meeting with senior House Energy and Commerce staff to discuss several issues related to driverless cars and the potential impact on repair shops.

Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association Voices Strong Positions In Lead Up NAFTA Discussions

The association took a firm stance on behalf of its members arguing that great care needs to be taken in renegotiating or modernizing the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Auto Care Association Testifies In Support Of New Jersey Vehicle Warranty Parts Notification Legislation

The A. 2612 legislation would provide car owners with important information regarding their warranty rights when they purchase a new vehicle.

MEMA Warns That A Border Adjustment Tax Could Hurt US Competitiveness And Put 45,000 Jobs At Risk

The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association, which represents 1,000 member companies, says it supports tax reform initiatives that will increase American manufacturing employment without putting an integrated supply chain and jobs at risk.

Texas Safety Inspection Bill Defeated

Legislators had until midnight last night to approve any legislation for further consideration and SB 1588 did not make the cut.

2 Texas Bills Aim To End Vehicle Safety Inspection Program

Texas Senate Bill 1588 would dismantle Texas’ safety inspection program and institute an “inspection program replacement fee” due at a vehicle’s registration or registration renewal.