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PPG Launches ‘Paints With Purpose’

This global marketing campaign features unique paints that help reduce pollution, help self-driving cars see and even protect a puppy’s paws from a sizzling sidewalk.


PPG has launched its “Paints with Purpose” campaign, which will showcase the many unexpected applications of next-generation paint and coatings technologies. These include paints that can cool the temperature of asphalt on a hot day to protect a puppy’s sensitive paws; coatings that can absorb sound or help reduce pollution; paint that helps self-driving cars see; and stain that can be applied even on a cold, wet day.


“When people talk about painting, they’re typically focused on beautifying a space in their home or making their mark on a new one,” said David Bem, PPG chief technology officer and vice president, science and technology. “But next-generation paints and coatings will do much more. From added safety, to enhanced comfort or just an easier way to apply our products, Paints with Purpose aims to showcase real-life examples of ways that paint can help improve our overall quality of life.”

PPG will roll out the global marketing campaign over the coming months, highlighting these unique applications and their impact on everyday life.

“The Paints with Purpose interactive campaign will bring to life these unexpected applications through a variety of experiential activations and digital storytelling,” said Bryan Iams, PPG vice president, corporate and government affairs. “Our hope is that people will be surprised at how new, innovative paints are helping to make their life easier, and more colorful.”


To learn about how paint is impacting your life every day, look for Paints with Purpose content on PPG social channels or search using the hashtag #PaintsWithPurpose on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn

For more on PPG and its Paints with Purpose campaign, visit



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