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#Oursharedstory: Silver Linings

Today, we offer up just a few of the upsides to working from home during this stressful time.


While the majority of us shelter-in-place as we work to slow the spread of COVID-19, our desire for a sense of community is stronger than ever. We at AMN are proud to help provide some sense of connection for professionals in the automotive aftermarket and their families. This week, in addition to keeping you up-to-date on the latest changes taking place we’ve also provided some tips, best practices and hopefully even a laugh or two.

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We heard from many of you that our Conference Call Bingo was a hit. So today, we continue to offer up a little bit of the lighter side with this Silver Linings list – just a few of the upsides to working from home during this stressful time. These are just a few from your friends at Babcox Media. We want hear from you as well! Please use the hashtags #silverlinings and #oursharedstory to add your own.


Gaining back 1.5 hours a day I used to commute

More family meals together 

Balancing out the overage on my car lease miles

Getting to witness – and truly appreciate – my kids’ creativity during times of boredom

My kids actually getting the required amount of sleep for their age and being wayyyy less cranky because of it #tweenlife

Lots of lunch-break and after-work walks with my dog

Getting to hang out with my dog while I work

Less laundry to do

Seeing increased step numbers on my Garmin

Seeing improved sleep data on my Garmin

Learning new software/tech hacks to increase productivity, organization and virtual teamwork

Healthier eating habits! No pop or candy machine to tempt me.

Getting in the best shape of my adult life

Not having to wait for my wife to come home from work after 8:30 pm every workday to eat dinner together.

Reconnecting with friends that I haven’t spoken to in a long time.

Getting the little projects done at home that I keep putting off

Workout tapes at lunch time 

Giving my hair and face a much-needed heat/makeup break

A super clean house!

Actually knowing that I have neighbors. So many families out walking and riding bikes with their kids, their spouses and kids playing in the yards. For the longest time I thought we had a lot of vacant houses on our street LOL.


Improving my typing skills as I try to type around a cat laying in front of me, or ON my keyboard, who innocently doesn’t realize I am working and just wants pets.

Spending more time with college students since they’re back home.

Getting to spend extra time on house projects since social engagements are cancelled.

No morning “fire drills,” trying to get everyone out of the house on time.

More time for family game night – and when you’re an editor, we play Scrabble.  😉

Not having to pack lunches every day.

Quick and easy access to coffee.

Having an office with a window 😊

More time with the family

Spending less money (not going out to eat, shop, etc.)

Learning to be more creative with the foods I have on hand

My house is cleaner than usual

Get a break from the coworkers 😛

Feel like I actually have work/life balance

Being able the rescue the mouse that the cat caught before he kills and eats it. (outside mouse)

Sleeping better because I am less stressed

Saving on toiletries b/c I don’t really put makeup on and more often than not I wash my hair to just throw it in a ponytail so no hairspray needed 😊


I have been getting more workouts in b/c I try to keep my kids active as well as myself so I will sneak an extra workout in the afternoon!

Taking time to teach my kids chores around the house

Allowing kids to help me in the kitchen when otherwise I say no because I’m in a time crunch.

Taking money we would spend on gas and spending it at small businesses in my community.

More family time, but also, more family time 😕

Seeing my kids still play together really well on day 14 of this thing.

Having time to actually serve others in the community instead of talking about it.

Board games! With today’s technology surge, board games really started collecting dust in our household. This has given us the chance to pull them out and enjoy some true family fun

Forced change! It’s easy to ‘get to a lot of things’ tomorrow during ordinary times. I’m finding that decisions, both personally and professionally, are being made that maybe would have been put off in the past.

Household projects that we’ve been putting off ‘until we found time’ are getting checked off the list!

Siblings are learning to play with each other!

We’re finally eating the stuff in the back of the freezer and pantry!

Working with my wife across the table from me

Getting to see my son throughout the day

My silver lining…  Here’s to shaving once a week!

Walks during lunch

Spending time with my dog (figuring out what she does all day)

Being able to watch the birds from my window

Practicing to be a contestant on Chopped by making quarantine-style meals out of whatever I find in my pantry

Spending more time in local parks

Send your own Silver Linings to AMN Editor Amy Antenora at [email protected]. If sharing on social media, please use the hashtags #silverlinings and #oursharedstory to add your own.



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