Mahle Powertrain’s Michigan HQ Recognized By Air Resources Board As Newly Accredited Emissions Test Facility

MAHLE Powertrain’s Michigan HQ Recognized By CARB As Newly Accredited Emissions Test Facility

MAHLE Powertrain joins an elite few to achieve specialist accreditation from the California Air Resources Board.

The Plymouth, Michigan, headquarters of MAHLE Powertrain has been accredited by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) as a facility capable of performing emissions certification testing in accordance with federal and state regulations.

MAHLE Powertrain says this announcement is recognition of the company’s laboratory operations and is validated by test data collated independently by the agency. MAHLE Powertrain’s CARB accreditation provides vehicle manufacturers and suppliers with a leading-edge facility from which to conduct extensive powertrain development and emissions testing. Such a facility reduces the reliance on in-house capacity and negates the need for costly upgrade of test equipment to meet stringent government legislation.

“MAHLE Powertrain is delighted to achieve accreditation from CARB less than three­­­ years after opening the brand new facility; it is testament to the company’s continued investment and dedication to providing the North American automotive industry with the latest facilities and expertise required to keep it at the forefront of technology development,” says Hugh Blaxill, head of engineering, North America. “The news from CARB is the latest recognition of MAHLE Powertrain’s expanding global presence as a key provider of independent emissions testing facilities.”

MAHLE Powertrain’s USA headquarters are equipped with a complete portfolio of powertrain test and development equipment, including a four-wheel drive vehicle emissions laboratory, seven lifts, seven powertrain test cells, and wiring and instrumentation laboratory. The completed audit ensured compliance with the California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 13 and with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 40 Part 86, 1065 and 1066 allowing an extensive range of emissions development, emissions certification testing, and In-Use verification testing for on-road, off-road and stationary engines.

The accreditation spanned MAHLE Powertrain’s AWD Vehicle Emissions Lab, a Heavy Duty Engine Test Cell and a Light Duty/Medium Duty Engine Test Cell. The engine test cells feature AC dynamometers, canvasing all legislated steady state and transient test cycle requirements.

CARB’s rigorous audit consists of inspection of all laboratory and test cell functionality, ensuring that operation falls within strict parameters. This includes verification of gas analyzer readings, inspection of calibration gases and records. All results were within 2% tolerance per CFR 1065.205.

“MAHLE Powertrain’s position as a CARB-recognized facility is a boost for the North American automotive industry,” said Hugh Blaxill. “At a time when the global industry is concerned with driving down tailpipe emissions, an independent facility such as our Plymouth headquarters provides manufacturers with a crucial time advantage ahead of stricter air pollution targets.”

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