Lumileds and Inhalio Partner on Vehicle Health and Well-Being Solutions

Lumileds, Inhalio Partner on Vehicle Health Solutions

The two companies will announce their new exclusive partnership at CES 2022.

On January 5 at CES 2022, Lumileds, a global automotive accessories and lighting manufacturer, and Inhalio, a global digital scent systems manufacturer, will announce Lumileds’ exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the NOMAD SD3 smart scent diffuser to automotive customers, rideshare fleets and end-users. 

For more than a century, Lumileds has been a trusted partner for car makers by providing innovative lighting solutions, and over the last decade has provided drivers and passengers pure and healthy air with its car air purifiers, says the company. Now, with this agreement, Lumileds is expanding its health and wellness offerings with smart scent dispensing. 

“Through the power of science and scent, Lumileds will bring transformational scent experiences to drivers and passengers,” said Keith Kelsen, CEO of Inhalio. “Never before have vehicle occupants been able to control the scent in their vehicle with options from mood-mapped scent experiences to scents from exotic destinations to purpose-built solutions that eliminate odors, reduce motion sickness and even kill airborne pathogens like bacteria and viruses.”  

The NOMAD SD3 system is a sophisticated digital scent diffusion system that fits conveniently into vehicle cup holders, says Inhalio. Four unique scent cartridges can be installed, allowing drivers and passengers to select a specific scent and immediately benefit from reduced stress and improved wellness. Dozens of scents are available including scents that support mood-mapped experiences like the calming effect of lavender, or citrus scents that stimulate alertness. Further, purpose-built scents that can eliminate cabin odors, kill airborne pathogens such as viruses and bacteria or reduce some cases of motion sickness are also available.  

“The Inhalio digital scent system is unique in its ability to create a wide variety of personal in-vehicle experiences and emotions as well as a sense of pleasure and well-being,” said Blandine Devlin, senior director global marketing, strategy and partnerships, Lumileds, automotive aftermarket. “Through our global aftermarket reach, users will be able to acquire the system and access an increasingly broad range of scents from around the world as we expand the library of options.” 

Unlike other “wet” or oil-based systems in the market, the NOMAD SD3 device uses an advanced dry-air diffusion system that is both safer and healthier for the occupant, and delivers a pure, fresh and consistent scent experience. To relieve “nose-blindness,” a condition where a person’s olfactory system stops registering (smelling) a fragrance when it’s constantly present, the solution delivers intermittent bursts of scent at a cadence and intensity that can be tuned to the size of the vehicle cabin. This cadence delivery system ensures that the experience is enjoyed throughout the ride and is not overpowering to the driver or occupants. 

Users can control the NOMAD SD3 with an easy-to-use smartphone app for Android or Apple devices. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and voice command systems including Siri, Alexa and Google are all supported. 

Lumileds says it will work with Inhalio to manufacture and deliver the NOMAD SD3 system directly to consumers, automotive aftermarket suppliers, rideshare companies and OESs on a global basis. General product availability is expected in Q3 of 2022.  

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