KYB Unveils Environmentally Friendly Hydraulic Fluid

KYB Unveils Environmentally Friendly Hydraulic Fluid

SustainaLub is a sustainable product that is both carbon neutral and recyclable, according to KYB.

KYB announced the release of its newly developed SustainaLub that it says aims to be a truly environmentally friendly shock absorber hydraulic fluid that eliminates the environmental risks associated with petroleum. SustainaLub is a sustainable product that is both carbon neutral and recyclable, according to KYB.

Full release of the new hydraulic fluid to the market is planned for 2026.

“Not only does SustainaLub improve maneuverability and stability by applying it to the various damping force valves that we already offer, but it also improves the feel of the product by applying friction control technology, for example KYB Prosmooth shock absorbers,” the company said. “With Prosmooth, internal shock absorber friction is controlled by using newly developed materials for sliding parts, and variable hydraulic fluid additive adjustment technology. This product delivers both a luxurious ride and superb cornering.”

This new fluid contributes to carbon neutrality by switching from petroleum derived base oil to naturally derived base oil, according to KYB. It absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere during cultivation of the plants used for the base oil raw materials, also reducing CO2 emissions during transportation. It is biodegradable up to 60% or more according to the Eco Mark certification standard (OECD301). The base oil and additive formulation is recyclable, reducing environmental issues in the long term.

The KYB team participating in the All Japan Rally Championship JN-2 class introduced SustainaLub to their vehicles from round 6 onward. They analyzed and verified the performance and durability in the harsh race environment (see for more information on this vehicle). In addition, SustainaLub was trialed in the vehicle used in the LEXUS ROV (Recreational off-Highway Vehicle) Concept customer experience program. It was used for LEXUS’ first ROV equipped with a hydrogen engine. The data accumulated also contributes to technology development for future practical applications, and work toward the realization of a carbon-neutral society, KYB said.

The ROV Concept features a Lexus first hydrogen powered engine, designed to offer a distinctive driving experience not possible with regular passenger cars, according to KYB. This was achieved through a compact body size and exceptional off-road capabilities. By using a hydrogen engine, the ROV aims to balance environmental consciousness and the thrill of feeling the heartbeat of an engine.

Replacing petroleum-based oil in KYB shock absorbers with this new hydraulic fluid will save up to 15.6 million liters of oil per year, the company said.

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