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HUBB Introduces New Educational Tool To Help Fleet Managers Calculate Oil Change Cost-Savings

Designed for ease of use, HUBB’s Fleet Savings Calculator is located at and can be completed in less than a minute.




HUBB Filters has created a new educational tool to help fleet managers compare their oil change costs and the potential savings they can achieve by switching to the HUBB filter program.

Designed for ease of use, HUBB’s Fleet Savings Calculator is located at and can be completed in less than a minute. Fleet managers simply plug in how many Class 1-4 or Class 5-6 vehicles they have in their fleet, along with the number of preventive maintenance (PM) intervals scheduled per year, per vehicle. An instant cost-savings analysis of what HUBB could save a fleet over a four-year period is presented.


“In less than 60 seconds, a fleet manager can get a quick idea regarding the thousands of dollars in potential savings on oil changes they can achieve by switching to HUBB,” said HUBB CEO Scott Killips. “When we recently showed this savings calculator tool to fleet managers who attended NAFA 2017 in Tampa the response was overwhelmingly positive, especially when they understood how easy it is to capture the savings.”

The company says more and more fleets are experiencing how HUBB can dramatically reduce their oil change costs, while better protecting their vehicles and making a green statement. Fleet field results collected by HUBB along with independent oil analysis, demonstrate that HUBB can save a typical 2,000 vehicle fleet $500,000 over a four-year period.


HUBB has an 8-inch spin-on oil filter for Class 2-6 light- and medium-duty diesel engines, and a 3-inch filter for passenger cars or light-duty trucks that use a spin-on filter.

The patented HUBB filter is reusable and cleanable utilizing the company’s ultrasonic Filter Cleaning Machine, eliminating the need to dispose of used filters in landfills.

The HUBB all-metal breakthrough performance filter is backed by a 100,000-mile or 5,000-hour performance guarantee. To back its claims of superior filtration, engine health protection, extended oil change intervals and reduced carbon emissions, HUBB has undergone independent third-party testing by Automotive Testing and Development Services Inc., as well as extensive field testing with customers.


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