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Purolator Launches PurolatorDIY Mobile App

The mobile app offers an online automotive filter lookup and interchange guide for consumers.

Continental Launches Line of Oil, Fuel, Air & Cabin Filters

Maximum protection for tougher operating conditions and longer service intervals.

WIX Upgrades ProTec Oil Filter Line

The new WIX ProTec filters will be featured in the Product and Package Showcase at AAPEX.

Purolator Filters Helps Drive Community Health

With Americans spending over 300 hours a year in their cars, there is a growing trend for an improved passenger experience.

Protecting Engine Performance Against Stop-and-Go Traffic

It’s almost summer, also known as orange barrel season in many parts of the United States. Summer 2021 is looking like another construction-heavy season, with states gearing up for thousands of miles in road projects. At the end of March, the Ohio Department of Transportation released its 2021 construction season plans, covering 4,596 miles of

Edelmann Introduces New Elite Power Steering Filter

The new Edelmann Elite Power Steering Filter delivers truly universal application and advanced filtration.

FRAM Adds SKUs To Engine Air Filter, Cabin Air Filter Lines

A total of 21 new SKUs have been added.

WIX Filters Promotes Mike Lerch To Brand Manager

In this role, Lerch will be responsible for the strategic planning, development and implementation of the marketing communications and promotional programs for the WIX Filters brand.

Donaldson Co. Building Material Research Center On Its Corporate Campus In Minnesota

Donaldson currently holds more than 1,800 active U.S. and international patents, has more than 100 technical laboratories and employs hundreds of engineers, scientists and technicians.

PurolatorTECH 2018 Professional Automotive Filter Catalog Now Available

The 700-page catalog provides a listing of filters available in the United States, Canada and Mexico — updated with details on 21 new 2018 applications. The new part numbers include 13 air, five fuel and three cabin air filters.

WIX Filters Develops New Fire-Resistant Air Filter For Florida Forest Service

The spring drought conditions that occurred early this year increased wildfire activity across the state. Florida averages more than 3,000 wildfires a year that burn more than 163,500 acres.

HUBB Introduces New Educational Tool To Help Fleet Managers Calculate Oil Change Cost-Savings

Designed for ease of use, HUBB’s Fleet Savings Calculator is located at and can be completed in less than a minute.