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Discount Tire Partners With American Diabetes Association

Sponsors of the Tour de Cure raise funds to support advancements in diabetes research.


Discount Tire, the world’s largest retailer of tires and wheels, and TGen, an affiliate of City of Hope, a leader in applying genomic analysis and bioinformatics to cancer drug development, have partnered with The American Diabetes Associate as the Signature Sponsors of the Tour de Cure: Desert Southwest. On Saturday, Oct. 23, the regional virtual kick-off event for the 2021 American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure will be held at Discount Tire’s headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Tour de Cure, a nationwide movement that promotes diabetes awareness, healthy living and fundraising for diabetes, provides an opportunity to connect to the community and raise funds that fuel every aspect of the American Diabetes Association’s crucial work to support research, advocacy and education. For more than 30 years, Tour de Cure has raised funds to support advancements in diabetes research, provided education programming and advocating for the over 34 million Americans living with diabetes. Discount Tire and TGen are proud to be partners and supporters of the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure.

“Organizations like the ADA support causes that Discount Tire believes in promoting as a way to give back and pay it forward,” said Chris Henrichsen, risk litigation officer at Discount Tire. “Diabetes is an epidemic, and we must find a cure for future generations and support for existing diabetics. Discount Tire is proud to support the ADA and many other organizations devoted to making more dreams come true.”


During the virtual kick-off event for the Tour de Cure, Discount Tire executives are participating by riding stationary bikes and raising funds. Additionally, a special announcement about the 2022 Tour de Cure in-person event will be made.

“Teamwork and collaboration are hallmarks of research,” said Laura Goetz, MD, MPH, FACS, Director, TGen Prevention and Early Detection Program. “Our long-standing collaboration with Discount Tire and their support of the ADA allows us to come alongside to help promote a great cause and raise awareness of a disease that remains all too common.”

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