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BASF Color Ideation Vehicle Wins Big At Goodguys Del Mar

The 1940 Ford Convertible, “Lucille,” a Goolsby Customs build, was awarded the 2018 Street Rod D’Elegance, which honors an elegant street rod from 1948 or older.


The 1940 Ford Convertible, “Lucille,” a Goolsby Customs build owned by Debbie Walls, was awarded the 2018 Street Rod D’Elegance at the Goodguys Del Mar Nationals on April 8.

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Street Rod d’Elegance is one of Goodguys’ Top 12 awards, conceived to honor an elegant street rod from 1948 or older. The selection committee, made up of Goodguys staff members and renowned street rod builders, considers craftsmanship, fit, finish and overall design in the judging process.

“Lucille” was unveiled at the 2017 SEMA Show and is coated with BASF Glasurit 55 Line in a custom color, “Glasurit Cabernet, Goolsby Edition,” that builder Jonathan Goolsby developed through BASF Color Ideation.

“Through Color Ideation, we were able to make a color that is truly a Goolsby Customs original,” said Goolsby. “It looks every bit as stunning as we imagined it would on Lucille, and the depth of color brings the ’40 to a level beyond what we could have imagined. Glasurit Cabernet speaks to the time of the vehicle and really pulls the whole build together.”


Through the Color Ideation process, automotive builders work one-on-one with BASF global color expert Paul Czornij to develop a unique, signature BASF color for their builds. The first two Color Ideation colors were developed with Goolsby Customs in 2017: Glasurit Star Fire Blue, Goolsby edition for Time Merchant, the 1932 Ford Roadster, and Glasurit Cabernet, Goolsby Edition, for Lucille.

After launching BASF Color Ideation at SEMA 2017, more award-winning builders have signed on and are currently working with Czornij to develop colors for cars that will go on to compete for the Autorama Ridler Award, other Goodguys awards and in SEMA competitions.



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