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CAS Releases Latest Gscan Software Update

CAS has announced today that E-ZDS the software developer for Gscan, recently released the next software update for the Gscan family of scanners. With this latest release, the Gscan series of tools (GscanTAB, GScan2 and GScan3) has added new software updates for 34 specific carlines. Developments include new ADAS calibration procedures and diagnostics for a number of models including all 2020 GM front view camera calibrations, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Volvo, Mercedes Benz and many others.

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Further enhancements include the addition of “pinch/zoom” text sizing on Gscan3 as well as a ‘Clear All Codes’ function was added to the Systems Search. In addition, the Gscan-2 and GScan-3 will now be able to add a custom logo image to the diagnostic reports.

CAS President, John Jenkins commented, “EZDS continues to release the major updates as scheduled. And in doing so beyond adding new diagnostic coverages they have also been improving on the tools operational features. A ‘Clear All codes’ feature was something that the installed Gscan base requested and now it’s there. The ‘pinch/zoom’ text resizing is also a nice addition for the Android based Gscan-3. The Gscan family of tools continues to be the best value and one of most capable tools we have offered.”

Current customers under subscription are encouraged to update their GScan immediately. GScan owners wishing to purchase a subscription are encouraged to call CAS. Also available is a 120-page PDF file for downloading on the company website: The document provides a listing of all the recently added coverages and special functions. See the latest ‘What’s New January 2020’ document on the ‘Multi-Line scanners’ page. A software highlights video also available on the site.




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