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Research Cars With Highest Insurance Rates

Info on the difference between make and model, why and how to determine those differences is included in the new guide.


When shopping for a new car, drivers know that make and model can affect the price they ultimately pay, but they may not consider how make and model can drive up their insurance costs. To illustrate just how much insurance varies for different makes and models, released data of the cars with the highest rates. 

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A table with the entire list of car makes and models that have the highest insurance rates is available in the guide.

Advertisement research finds drivers pay the most in auto insurance for:

  • Tesla Model S: $3,908
  • Nissan GT-R: $3,706
  • Mercedes S63 AMG: $3,603
  • Dodge Challenger: $2,458
  • Tesla Model 3: $2,257

The report includes information on the difference between vehicle make and model, how to determine those differences, and why they are important.

“Car makes and models heavily influence insurance rates because they have different values, safety ratings, crash tests results, and repair costs,” explains managing editor Ashlee Tilford. “By using our car insurance comparison tool, you can make an informed purchase decision based on rates for your state.”



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