Scott Luckett, Author at aftermarketNews
Aftermarket Data Standards – Beyond ACES

To remain relevant and valuable, the industry standards will continue to evolve and grow. They will never be finished, Scott Luckett affirmed.

Mobility as a Service and the Impact on the Aftermarket

MaaS stands to disrupt and transform how we think of transportation in the coming years.

Connected Vehicles Need the Right to Repair

A fleet of connected vehicles delivers many benefits to society and the motoring public, but critical technical decisions need to be made.

SVI Spells Security in Right to Repair

Are security and safety concerns raised by NHTSA legitimate?

The Impact of Open AI on Cybersecurity

AI is just the latest tool available to hackers as well as security professionals.

How the Digital Product Content Game Has Changed

… and how brands should respond.

Sandpiper: A New Framework for Automotive Content Exchange

Anyone who tries to keep up with technology knows that technology innovation doesn’t rest.

EDI: What’s Old is New and Better

Why do I need it for my automotive business?

The Inconvenient Truth about Electric Vehicles

The impact of BEVs will be felt slowly over a long time, but the time to prepare is now, says contributor Scott Luckett.

The Right to Repair is in the Center of the National Stage

As vehicle technology increases, access to these systems and their data has become critical to the vehicle service process.

Cybersecurity & The Aftermarket’s Best And Brightest

OK, hold on tight – the next 900 words are going to snap you from IT to scholarships and back again.

ADAS: Here to Stay … With Baggage

Today, the rate of change in vehicle technology has never been greater.