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Atlas Copco USA Surpasses $2M Mark To Support World Water Day

This year, Atlas Copco has pledged $51,000 to support three clean-water-driven projects.


Celebrated annually on March 22, the United Nations created World Water Day to educate and raise awareness surrounding water and climate change. Within Atlas Copco, it has become a tradition to mark the day by funding a clean-water project through donations from Atlas Copco’s U.S. employee-driven Water for All program. This year, Atlas Copco has pledged $51,000 to support three clean-water-driven projects. This latest donation takes Atlas Copco USA’s giving past $2 million since the local organization was started in 2010.


Atlas Copco also will donate $26,000 to Can’d Aid to support two projects. The first project is to supply 50,400 cans of water to support the Navajo Nation – marking the third time Atlas Copco has supported the American-Indian tribe in Arizona. The Navajo Nation people continue to struggle with access to clean drinking water and COVID-19 has made it even more challenging to find reliable water sources. 

Next, a second truck full of 50,400 cans of water will be sent to Breathitt County, Kentucky. This area was ravaged recently by historic flooding. Many people have been displaced from their homes due to the flooding.  Emergency aid for food, water, and shelter is being requested to help the local community. 


Last, Atlas Copco has donated $25,000 through its partnership with charity:water to support the area of Tigray in Ethiopia, which has been one of the areas most supported by the U.S. Chapter of Water for All. charity:water is raising funds to support the Ethiopia Crisis Fund. Months of conflict in the northern region of Tigray have forced hundreds of thousands of people into exile. There is a significant shortage of medical supplies, water, and food. Many towns do not have working water systems due to a lack of electricity, so people must collect water from contaminated rivers and streams. Atlas Copco will support charity:water to help provide the area with short- and long-term solutions to enable clean drinking water.


Atlas Copco has donated to four U.S. projects within the last 12 months related to COVID-19 or disaster relief. Last month they supported areas of Texas with a donation of over 50,000 cans of water.

“Atlas Copco and our employees are committed to supporting World Water Day and clean-water projects, to surpass the $2 million mark in charitable giving on such a special day is a tremendous feeling,” said Aaron Prato, vice president at Atlas Copco North America. “With the impact of COVID-19, both domestically and overseas, it’s essential that we continue to support emergency relief projects in the United States as well as long-term clean drinking water projects in countries across the world.”


In the past decade, Atlas Copco’s U.S. Water for All program has supported projects across 20 countries and helped close to two hundred-thousand people gain access to clean water. For every dollar an employee donates, the company adds another two dollars, making a double match. None of this would be possible without the dedication and focus of hundreds of employees supporting and funding the program.

To learn more about Atlas Copco and its Water for All program, please visit www.water4All.org.



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