AAM to Show Advanced Electrification Solutions at 1st CES Exhibit

AAM to Show Advanced Electrification Solutions at CES

Products including 3-in-1 electric drive units and e-Beam axles will be on display at the AAM exhibit at CES.

American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) is joining top technology leaders at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s most influential global tech event.

“AAM has a very important story to tell regarding its leadership in advanced mobility,” said David C. Dauch, AAM chairman and CEO. “There is no better place to tell that story than at CES, where OEMs come to find technology partners and innovative solutions. Our growing portfolio of market ready, electric propulsion systems is empowering the industry’s transition to cleaner, more efficient and affordable vehicles.”

AAM says “Bringing the Future Faster” is not just a tagline. For more than a decade, AAM’s designers and engineers have been at the forefront of electrification innovation. This includes developing a portfolio of high-speed motors, inverters, gearboxes and axles for use across the widest band of electric vehicle segments – from compact and performance vehicles, to crossovers, trucks and SUVs. Many of these products, including 3-in-1 electric drive units and fully integrated e-Beam axles, will be on display at the AAM exhibit at CES.

AAM’s scalable driveline systems are compatible with all electrified architectures and can be configured with multiple motor diameters and flexible stack lengths to provide optimized packaging, power and torque for any application. Our e-Beam axles for light duty trucks use AAM’s next-generation e-Drive systems that incorporate high RPM motors, advanced gearboxes and highly integrated inverters. AAM is poised to achieve double-digit improvement in volumetric efficiency, power density, mass efficiency and power loss in our new products. This, in addition to the compact size and power density of our electric drivetrain, is providing platform architecture flexibility that is revolutionizing transportation.

AAM has a long and proven track record in the transition to electric mobility, starting in 2010 with a focus on driveline technology, and highlighted with various OEM product programs including Saab, Jaguar, REE, GMC Hummer and Mercedes AMG. In 2022, Automotive News named AAM the recipient of the PACE Award, the PACE Innovation Partnership Award, and the PACEpilot Innovation to Watch Award.

The AAM booth is located in the West Hall, #6800. This area, located at the northwest corner of Paradise Road and Convention Center Drive, exclusively features vehicle technology and advanced mobility.

Visit CES.tech for all CES 2023 updates and registration details.

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