Women at the Wheel Podcast, Ep. 8: Mevotech's Kim Manson 

Women at the Wheel Podcast, Ep. 8: Mevotech’s Kim Manson 

Manson, director of marketing at Mevotech, joins us for an in-studio chat.

Kim Manson, director of marketing at Mevotech, says she plays a key role in the company’s growth by helping to define its marketing strategy. She is responsible for the teams that carry out Mevotech’s branding and communications, cataloging, content, digital marketing and training.

“We produce such great products, so it makes our job easy,” Manson says. 

Manson and her teams work together to educate customers on the benefits of Mevotech’s products, and she loves that no two days are the same. “We’re very agile, doing new things, and adjusting based customer and market needs,” she says.

To hone her skills, Manson adds she carves out time on a monthly basis to learn about the industry, having been in the aftermarket only three and a half years, noting she worked in various marketing agencies before coming to Mevotech.

Manson gets involved in skills training, workshops, attends conferences, and meets with industry people to broaden her skill sets. And, she and her team work on honing their marketing skills, too, “to stay cutting edge.” Mevotech, in fact, was recently named one of Canada’s Best Managed companies by Deloitte. “It’s a huge honor and a huge testament to all the hard work that our team has been doing,” Manson says.

“What I love about this job is the people. I have the most unbelievable team; a huge shout out to them…they bring the passion, energy and talent every day and it makes the job so much fun.”

During the interview, Kim also shared: 

1:13 Her role at Mevotech

3:07 Where she was before Mevotech

4:22 How marketing and mentoring is in her DNA

7:39 Women’s network at Mevotech

11:21 Proudest moments

12:36 Challenges faced

15:01 Advice to her younger self

18:01 What she would be doing if she wasn’t working for Mevotech

19:06 Where she enjoys to travel

20:01 How she remains balanced as a working mother

21:38 Instrumental mentors

23:00 What the industry can do to better at when it comes to supporting women in the Aftermarket

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