Women at the Wheel 2023: Leslie Bennett

2023 Honoree

Leslie Bennett

Director of Sales Effectiveness and Customer Experience
Advance Auto Parts

Leslie Bennett began her career in the aftermarket in 2008 as a temporary team member in the marketing department at Advance Auto Parts. With the tenacity to learn her job and the industry, she was seen as someone with great potential to bring value to the organization. Fast-forward 15 years, and Bennett has made her mark, noting that her major career breakthroughs came during challenging situations where she was presented with an opportunity to step up and lead.

“Take on additional responsibility; don’t wait for someone to tap you on the shoulder,” she advises. “People will notice your initiative and you will build a brand that people want to buy into. Once you’re there, own your space and be confident in your abilities.”

Speaking to the industry’s support of women in the aftermarket, Bennett says: “While we’ve come a long way as an industry, we need to keep inclusivity top of mind. As female leaders, we all have a responsibility in building the future of our industry.”