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2020 Honoree

Jamie Picco

VP of Accounting

Jamie Picco, vice president of accounting, Autologue, fondly recalls going to her father Jim Franco’s auto parts store with him as early as 8 years old, to help with inventory.

She has continued working side-by-side with her father, now at Autologue Computer Systems, which Franco founded in 1985 after selling his auto parts business. She didn’t intend to go into the family business, however.

“Being a part of my dad’s greasy auto parts business when I was a young girl, I remember telling him I don’t think I want to be in the parts business,” she recalls.

Picco chose a career in nursing and spent a decade there. “In 2009, as Autologue was growing and the needs and demands were increasing, my dad offered me an opportunity to be a part of the family business. My transition took a lot of thought, but as I started my new career at Autologue I never looked back.

Picco says she’s most proud to be a part of a diverse business. “To stand next to a great team that includes so many strong, intelligent and successful women really helps drive the success of the aftermarket. Our company has talented women across all departments – from HR/admin, customer service, product development to project management. I’m very proud to be a part of this growing company,” she says.