2023 Women at the Wheel: Genevieve Czech

2023 Honoree

Gen Czech

Training and Development Manager
Automotive Parts Headquarters Inc.

Genevieve Czech may only have four years in the automotive aftermarket so far, however, she’s made a significant impact in that short time. It all comes down to two critical things – extensive experience in her area of expertise – Czech has been in the training and development arena for her entire career, and one other element that’s a little harder to capture: passion.

“It’s not as much about where you work, but it’s much more about being passionate about what your craft is,” she says. “So, if you’re passionate and you love what you do, and you find a way to apply it to the industry, that’s what makes it most impactful, that’s what makes coming into work exciting.”

So far, the project Czech says she’s most proud of is helping to create APH University, a learning management platform for employees. Creating virtual training during Covid was a first in her career. “I think the most rewarding, the proudest moments of my career come with just challenging myself,” she says. “Growing in my career and doing what hasn’t been done or what isn’t necessarily common practice in the automotive industry, I think those are the most rewarding things.”