Elizabeth Goad - aftermarketNews

2020 Honoree

Elizabeth Goad

Director, Events & Meetings
Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association

In her role at AASA, Elizabeth Goad is front and center when it comes to helping organize some of the industry’s most important events.

Events like the AASA Vision Conference and AAPEX are at the heart of relationship-building in the aftermarket, which is why she’s so passionate about them.

“Relationships for this industry are so important,” she says. “It’s such a major piece of the aftermarket and you really have to build those relationships if you want to excel. Attending events and conferences is a big part of that.”

“This includes AAPEX, especially this year with AAPEX being so critical, being the place to reconnect and reinvigorate the industry, that’s more important now than ever,” Goad says.

Goad adds that she is particularly proud of AASA’s effort to make sure women leaders’ voices are heard, especially on stages at events like AAPEX and the Vision Conference.

“There has been a recent drive to see more women on stage at events and conferences, which has been refreshing,” she says. “AASA in particular has always welcomed women leaders in volunteer positions. The expertise and drive that they have is really inspiring. The more of this we can do, the better.”