Catherine Boland - Women at the Wheel 2023

2023 Honoree

Catherine Boland

Vice President, Legislative Affairs
MEMA, The Vehicle Suppliers Association

After working on the Hill for 10 years a legislative staffer in the U.S. Senate, Catherine Boland was at the right place at the right time when a lobbyist opportunity at MEMA became available and the job was a great fit.

“I grew up less than 10 miles from Route 66 and have always loved cars and that quintessential American car culture. MEMA was a great opportunity to combine my public policy experience with my love of all things with wheels,” Boland says.

As the industry continues to transform, she adds her proudest accomplishment at MEMA has been elevating the voice of the vehicle supplier industry on Capitol Hill, in the White House and administration, and in state capitals across the country.

A staunch believer that women can make a greater impact collectively, Boland advises, “We need to all work to reverse the stereotype that women don’t support other women. Let’s collaborate, recognize the different skills and talents each of us brings, and find ways to lift each other up.”