2023 Women at the Wheel: Alex Parker

2023 Honoree

Alex Parker

Redline Detection, LLC

Alex Parker comes from a family of entrepreneurs who talked about work and business challenges around the dinner table every night. “That gave me a very valuable early education that I’m working to pass on to my own kids and to the many students who join our internship program every year,” she says.

Parker says her proudest accomplishment at the helm of Redline Detection was during Covid, when she spearheaded the company’s investment into e-mobility battery diagnostics. “We not only came through that period with our team intact which was the most important part, we had record growth during a very scary time,” Parker reflects. Her takeaway lesson: “there is never a perfect moment, take that action step forward, even if you’re a little bit terrified!”

Parker advises the industry needs to actively recruit women for entry, mid-level and executive jobs, because she’s seen firsthand that women are good for the bottom line.

“It’s proven, teams that include women are more agile, more resilient – and get this – companies that include women in leadership are more profitable.”