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TRW Announces Business and Technology Investments for Continued Growth

TRW announced it will open or expand 11 plants in 2011 and 2012 and will invest in a number of new product areas in several key markets.


FRANKFURT, Germany — TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. today announced a number of global business investments that support its plans for growth. The announcements were made at the Frankfurt Motor Show, taking place in Germany this week.


TRW announced it will open or expand 11 plants in 2011 and 2012 and will invest in a number of new product areas in several key markets. Announced investments include driver assist systems (DAS) technology in Brest, France, and in Peterlee, U.K.; steering in China, Poland and the U.K.; and advanced braking systems in Koblenz, Germany.

At the same time, the company unveiled plans for the following new plants: an occupant safety systems and braking facility in Wuhan, China; an aftermarket friction plant in Qingdao, China; and a slip control systems and actuation plant in Queretaro, Mexico.  

John Plant, TRW Automotive chairman, president and CEO, commented, "In 2011, we’re expecting to increase our research and development expenditure by $80 million compared with 2010, in order to support new technology and product launches, and over the same period, capital investment has been increased by 90 percent. We’re also currently completing the recruitment of 500 engineers at our technical centers worldwide.  


"In addition to manufacturing investments, we are unveiling new technologies that will come to market as a result of our increased research and development investments. We have further invested in our radar center of excellence in Brest, France, to bring our 24 GHz radar to market and develop a new short range radar concept that will enable 360 degree sensing. And we have outlined plans for our next generation of advanced braking systems to help meet the needs of lower vacuum requirements. This is being developed in Koblenz, Germany."

In addition to the new facilities, TRW is expanding production of electric power steering in Poland at a new satellite facility in Czechowice, and is increasing the manufacturing of precision motors in Slovakia following a major contract win. It will also expand its electrically powered steering and electronics plant in Anting, China; its braking joint venture in Nanjing, China; its occupant safety joint venture in Chengdu; and its fasteners plant in Ningbo.


Plant added, "TRW has the right manufacturing footprint and product portfolio to support its growth plans. While we are investing heavily to support the tremendous growth in China, Brazil and India, we continue to focus on developing advanced technologies to support our global vehicle manufacturer customers.  We believe we are making the right choices to make the right safety solutions available to everyone in all markets."