The Alliance Talks Right to Repair with Texas Rep.'s Office

The Alliance Talks Right to Repair with Texas Rep.’s Office

The Alliance hosted Jalen Falcon, district director for US Representative Tony Gonzales, 23rd District of Texas.

The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, Inc. hosted Jalen R. Falcon, district director for US Representative Tony Gonzales, 23rd District of Texas, in San Antonio at the end of last month. The director joined Alliance staff members to discuss some of the aftermarket industry’s most pressing issues, including Right to Repair. The discussion focused on the American consumer and the vital need for the driver to have access to their own vehicle’s data to give service dealers the opportunity to repair those vehicles.

“Right to Repair is and remains one of the most crucial and important issues facing our industry,” said JC Washbish, vice president sales and marketing at the Alliance. “We are appreciative that Mr. Falcon joined us today to hear our voice. We look forward to the open communication and continued support of the REPAIR Act.”

The Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair Act, or REPAIR Act, H.R. 906, focuses on preserving the consumers access to high quality and affordable vehicle repair while ensuring vehicle owners have a choice as well as access to their vehicle’s data.

“Texas is a huge state and the 23rd District is the largest district in Texas. Texans drive long distances in this district. We work on ranches and farms in this district. We have some of the country’s largest military bases, hospitals and school networks in this district. Our 23rd district is dependent on cars and trucks to keep it moving,” said Washbish. “We are asking Representative Gonzales to support the REPAIR Act, affording Texans the right to choose where and how their vehicles are serviced.”

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