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Nexen Tire Reveals Sustainable-Material Demonstration Tire

Tiremaker unveils demonstration tire with up to 52% sustainable material.

Continental Commits To Sustainable Natural Rubber Supply Chain

Continental will handle part of its purchasing of natural rubber via a digital trading platform called HeveaConnect.

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Tenneco Meets 2021 Sustainability Goals Early

Looking ahead, Tenneco has introduced a new set of long-term sustainability goals, achievable by 2030 from a 2019 baseline.

GRI Steps Up Green Manufacturing Efforts

Ananda Caldera, executive director of GRI, recently spoke about GRI’s green processes in manufacturing.

GRI Enhances Connections With Rubber Farmers

GRI works with about 1,800 natural rubber farmers from Monaragala, Rathnapura, Kalutara, and Kegalle districts in Sri Lanka.

Goodyear Strengthens Commitment To Sustainable Natural Rubber

Goodyear says it believes the implementation and adherence to this policy will help address deforestation, land grabbing and human rights in the areas of the world where natural rubber is produced.

Bridgestone And Versalis Partnering To Expand Guayule Research Efforts

The two companies also will make the new joint technology available to industrial partners willing to cooperate in maximizing the value of the products.