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Guest Commentary: The Millennials Are Here – Are We Ready?

As a person who endorses the philosophy that in life and in business it is important to value the differences in people, I am intrigued by the impact that the millennials are making.

AMN Executive Interview With J.R. Bishop, Chairman Of YANG

In this exclusive interview, Bishop talks about the growth of YANG, the presence of millennials and their current mindset and what opportunities exist with being part of the group.

Openbay Introduces New Automotive Service Professional Mobile App For Android

Advances in mobile technology have led to transformative behavioral changes in the way today’s consumer approaches a purchasing decision.

Herman Trend Alert: The New Employee Mindset And What It Means for the Future

As the Millennial Generation (or Gen Y) ages, they are becoming increasingly important in the workplace. They are moving into positions of responsibility and becoming more valuable to their employers.