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SKF Aims to Eliminate Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

SKF joined and co-funded Mission 0 to help deliver solutions to eliminate GHG emissions in materials, production and end-of-life of passenger cars.

SKF Aims to Eliminate Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
Dana Named Climate Leader by USA Today

Dana was recognized as one of America’s Climate Leaders for its 2021 greenhouse-gas reduction.

Dana Plans to Achieve Net Zero by 2040

Dana said it plans to achieve a 75 percent reduction by 2030.

Dana Accelerates Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

Company commits to setting science-based targets.

White House Expected To Rescind EPA Final Determination For Vehicle GHG Emissions Wednesday

It is further expected that new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt will set in motion legal actions revoking the State of California’s ability to enforce its own tailpipe standards, which is expected to spark legal challenges by the states and environmental groups.