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Rethinking Employment

This Herman Trend Alert examines the need for CEOs to rethink workforce cultures given the current workforce crisis.

Post-COVID Career Shifts, Part 2

This week’s Alert is about what employers can (and must) do – if they want to stay in business.

The Herman Trend Alert: Using AI To Eliminate Unconscious Bias

New cognitive technology (AI) corporate recruiting tools are substantially changing the recruiting and hiring processes.

Women In Trucking Association Recognizes Michelin As A Top Employer 

The organization praises Michelin’s workplace culture as a “Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation.”

The Herman Trend Alert: Employability In The New World Of Work

As the result of globalization, competition and the economic recession, the work environment has changed a lot. A few years ago, front-line employees might expect to invest their entire work lives with one company. Now, according to Forrester Research, an entry-level person is likely to have 12 to 15 jobs in a lifetime with several organizations.