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BMW, Ford & Honda to Create Company Focused on EV Grid

ChargeScape aims to create a single, cost-effective platform connecting electric utilities, automakers and EV customers.

Marelli Presents New Smart Actuators at 2023 Battery Show

Marelli’s smart actuators are aimed at simplifying the actuation of complex vehicle functions in electric cars.

Marelli smart actuators
Schaeffler Showcases EV Tech at Trade Shows

Schaeffler will exhibit its technologies at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech Expo and Detroit Auto Show.

Survey: 54% of Gas Vehicle Drivers Ready to Embrace Electric

The study also found that 58% of drivers interested in purchasing or leasing an EV are motivated by environmental concerns.

Mann+Hummel: Future Filtration Solutions for Electromobility

Mann+Hummel has developed HEPA filter systems to protect drivers and passengers from microscopic impurities in vehicles.

mann+hummel filtration technology hepa
Autologue’s Jim Franco: Opportunities in Today’s Market

Find out why Jim Franco is as energized as ever about the business opportunities he sees in the market today.

Drivetime Jim Franco Autologue Quick hits
Fisker Ocean All-Electric SUV Makes European Debut

Fisker hosted the European debut of its all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Hunter’s John Zentz on How Dealers Can Win in Today’s Market

When you take a look around at the tire service equipment in your shop, you may see the name of the company that Johnny g’s next guest represents. The one that he credits for imprinting the tire industry in his heart. That company is Hunter Engineering, and the guest that’s been part of its team

Guest Commentary: When Will Electric Cars Take Over the Roads?

Out of 1 billion cars in the world, only 2 million are electric. However, that will soon change as costs diminish and more governments encourage the adoption of electric vehicles to cut carbon emissions and fight urban pollution.

EV Safe Charge Launches Complete Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

This highly adaptable electric vehicle supply equipment system will provide event organizers, and any site in need of temporary EV charging, with a charging option for any make of electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Chooses Allison 4500 Fully Automatic Transmission

The EMOSS Electric Vehicle with Extender Range semi-truck utilizes a 120-kWh battery pack and a liquefied petroleum gas electricity generator to recharge the battery and achieve maximum range.

Technavio Lists Top 5 Vendors Of The Global Electric Vehicle ECU Market

The market research report also lists 11 other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period.